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2020-06-24Summer Energy Savings
2020-05-06Sharing git Repositories between `pip` and `setup.py`
2020-05-05Open a Directory in Vim Terminal
2018-12-19A Design Critique of the Dynalist App
2018-10-12Why isn't HCI making me a good designer?
2016-06-30Human Meaning
2016-01-01Link Dump 2016-01-01
2015-12-02Link Dump 2015-11-30
2015-11-21Software Engineers
2015-11-15Link Dump 2015-11-15
2015-11-07Book Response: Unlearning Liberty by Greg Lukianoff
2015-10-30Link Dump 2015-10-30
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2015-05-01Case Studies in Consent
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2014-12-31Link Dump 2014-12-31
2014-12-15Link Dump 2014-12-15
2014-11-30Articles I've Read (2014-11-30)
2014-11-15Articles I've Read (2014-11-15)
2014-11-03Articles I've Read (2014-11-03)
2014-10-15Articles I've Read (2014-10-15)
2014-10-11A Teaching Philosophy
2014-09-30Links for September 2014
2014-08-22In Defense of a Public Digital Life
2014-05-14The First Rule of Rock Climbing
2013-11-27Don't Shoot the Symptom
2013-11-25On Vulnerability
2013-11-23A Rambling on Effortlessness
2013-11-21Two Ambigrams
2013-11-19Understanding Privilege: An Attempt
2013-11-18Generalizing the Turing Test
2013-11-13Nerd: A Retrospective
2013-11-11The Quantified Self
2013-11-09Restriction-free Relationships
2013-11-07Mental Objectification
2013-11-05Invisible Colors
2013-11-03Teaching Active Learning
2013-11-01National Blog Posting Month
2013-09-12Effing the Ineffable
2013-08-09Nerd Sniped by Nerd Sniping
2013-08-07Regret and Responsibility
2013-06-21Defining Objectification
2013-05-19Reflections on Wittgenstein
2012-11-08Generative Protection (aka. Graduate School in Midsight)
2012-04-13Technology and Society
2012-01-30Maybe We Should Rethink Education
2012-01-08Thoughts on a Cognitive Sport
2011-12-30Flexibility and Ambiguity in Chinese
2011-12-24Displaying Calendars
2011-11-21On My First Return to Hong Kong in Three Years
2011-11-02Font Fun
2011-10-27Book Tracking
2011-09-12Scattered Thoughts
2011-04-04Circular Logic - "glow"
2011-03-05Twitter Wordle
2011-02-13Some Trends
2011-02-02Personal Responsibility
2010-12-21Sooner apparently means later
2010-12-04I'll start writing again... soon
2010-11-09Recreational Programming
2010-10-19The Evolution of Desire
2010-09-06Conway's Game of Death
2010-09-01Our Upcoming Digital World
2010-08-21HTML5 Canvas 3D
2010-08-06Atlas Shrugged (cont.)
2010-08-02New Windows Manager
2010-07-25Atlas Shrugged
2010-07-16Some Shit
2010-07-12Climbing Terms
2010-06-29Two Truths and A Lie
2010-06-18A Year in My Life
2010-06-16BMI on Craigslist
2010-05-21My Research
2010-05-18Can You Hear Me?
2010-05-11Prologue to Jurassic Park
2010-05-08Cross Acting
2010-05-07Smashing Cars
2010-05-04Pascal's Wager, Part 2
2010-03-09Blogspot Spellcheck
2010-02-16OKCupid is Wrong
2010-01-23Only a Theory
2010-01-17Into the Wild and The Game
2010-01-13Google as a Social Force
2010-01-05My Digital Life
2009-12-08An Evening with Frank Warren
2009-11-06A Little Mathematical Proof
2009-09-25Michigan Updates
2009-09-10Spiral Staircases
2009-09-01Writing About Writing
2009-08-30Do Schools Kill Creativity?
2009-08-29Reflections on Teaching
2009-08-24Answers of the Weeks
2009-08-24List of Discarded Post Topics
2009-08-24Some Quotes
2009-08-23Quote Unquote
2009-08-13A Small But Important CTY Complaint
2009-08-11The Fountainhead
2009-07-30The Fountainhead
2009-07-24Education and Games
2009-07-06Porn and Intimacy
2009-06-29Unique Identifiers
2009-06-01Inebriated, v2.
2009-05-29Thoughts on Being a Student
2009-05-25Eliza the Psychologist
2009-05-22Python Bashing
2009-05-20Killing Children
2009-05-18Swinger Party
2009-05-15Much Ado About Nothing
2009-05-13The Data Experience
2009-05-08Labels and Folders
2009-05-06Thoughts on Being a Professor
2009-05-04Colored Language
2009-05-01First Date?
2009-04-29I have a midterm today...
2009-04-27Good People, Bad People
2009-04-24Social Search
2009-04-22Meritocracy vs. Diversity
2009-04-20All Hail Rain, Sleet, and Snow
2009-04-15Picture Week!
2009-04-13Insane Voters
2009-04-10Stranger Appeal
2009-04-06The World Without Us
2009-04-03Wizard's First Rule
2009-04-01Spring Break
2009-03-30Arches' arches
2009-03-25OH HAI
2009-03-20Trains and Skip Lists
2009-03-18Car Seating
2009-03-16Distance Perception
2009-03-13Re: Deserve Victory
2009-03-11Prizes in Education
2009-03-09Square Root Day
2009-03-06My Ideal Love
2009-03-04Academic Typecasting
2009-03-02Production-Possibility Frontiers
2009-02-27Truth Value
2009-02-25Re: Rational People
2009-02-23Menstruation in Space
2009-02-18Rational People
2009-02-16Primal Fear
2009-02-13Religion and Logic
2009-02-11Domain Mapping
2009-02-09Efficient Transportation
2009-02-04Two Book Ethics
2009-01-30Linux in a Recession
2009-01-28Aliens, therefore God
2009-01-26Plane on a Plane
2009-01-23Musings on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence
2009-01-21Book Reviews
2009-01-16A little education can't not do nobody no good...
2009-01-14The Shape of an Educated Man
2009-01-09Journalism as Sociology as a Social Science
2009-01-07Flowers for Algernon
2009-01-02Religious and Scientific Domains of Inquiry
2008-12-31How Hacker Are You?
2008-12-29Question of the Week?
2008-12-26Computer Science in the K-12 Curriculum
2008-12-24Thoughts on Time Dollars
2008-12-22Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl"
2008-12-19The Big Race
2008-12-19Predestination and/or determinism
2008-12-15Movie Pet Peeve
2008-12-14I Miss CTY Bunches and Bunches
2008-12-14If I were a CTY Robotics Instructor...
2008-12-12Journal History and Tools
2008-12-12Google Calendar Timezones
2008-12-10Shout Out to Genia
2008-12-08Field Museum
2008-12-08Gmail Spam
2008-12-04Learning to Count
2008-12-01Complex Systems? Or Learning? Or...?
2008-12-01Homo Universalis
2008-12-01Return to Blogging
2008-11-02Daniel Dennet and Memes
2008-10-29Pascal's Wager
2008-10-20Great Spirits
2008-10-17Social Interaction, Russell, and Morals
2008-10-09How my classes are going
2008-09-25Ars Technica: A biologist reviews textbook from ID camp
2008-09-24The Uncertain Future
2008-09-13Batch Quick Adding in Google Calendar
2008-09-03Google Stuff
2008-07-06Hello from Stanford
2008-06-28Greyhound Tales
2008-06-22Canceled vs. Cancelled
2008-06-20Tracking Finances
2008-06-19Music Animation Machine
2008-06-19The State of Things
2008-06-18Dynamic Blog Test
2008-06-06Longest Word in English
2008-06-01Rock Sunrise
2008-05-25Instant Message, Instant Girlfriend
2008-05-19Marriage and the Society
2008-05-14Software Development Wisdom
2008-05-09Ivan the Great
2008-05-08A Fresh Look at Microsoft and Facebook
2008-05-06UNIX Nerd Sex
2008-05-01Understanding Humans
2008-04-23The Alarm Which Cried Fire
2008-04-22Border Crossings, Linux, and Roaches
2008-04-21Global Warming and Religion
2008-04-20Look Ma, No Hands!
2008-04-20Have Fun!
2008-04-13Spring Break Pictures
2008-04-12The Beauty Myth
2008-04-12Speed Dating Video
2008-04-10Favourite Wikipedia Page
2008-04-01I'm Back!
2008-03-21Yeaaah Spring Break
2008-03-20So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
2008-03-18St. Patty's Day
2008-03-10Week of 2008-03-03
2008-03-09AJAX Upload (Of Sorts)
2008-03-06The Problem Science Has with Jesus Christ
2008-03-05Abductive Inference
2008-03-03Firefox Bookmark Keywords
2008-03-03Week of 2008-02-25
2008-03-01Uncanny Valley
2008-02-29Two Articles
2008-02-26Communication Problems
2008-02-25Sound Analysis of Rain
2008-02-25The Supertheory of Evolution
2008-02-24Week of 2008-02-18
2008-02-22Second Person Game
2008-02-20Two Songs and Two Movies
2008-02-20Lost in Life
2008-02-19Rowan Atkinson Standup
2008-02-18Week of 2008-02-11
2008-02-17Buying Books Episodically
2008-02-16Gooey Pipes
2008-02-15Dinner Table Conversations
2008-02-14Zion National Park
2008-02-13Ginny Ryerson
2008-02-11The Better To Know You With
2008-02-11Week of 2008-02-04
2008-02-09How To Do What You Love
2008-02-09Why I Write
2008-02-07Google Apps Team Edition
2008-02-07Early Computer Animation
2008-02-04Digital Object Permanence
2008-02-04Week of 2008-01-28 (and 2008-01-21)
2008-02-04Focusing Habits
2008-02-02Egyptian Heaven
2008-02-01Linux in the News
2008-01-31Temperature Gradient
2008-01-30Writing Paradoxes
2008-01-29Food Taboo
2008-01-29A Narrative of Externalization
2008-01-27Sound Aslip
2008-01-27Time Management
2008-01-25Three Wonders
2008-01-24If a Tree Falls in a Forest...
2008-01-24Snow off your Shoe
2008-01-22Bugger Blog IV
2008-01-21Week of 2008-01-14
2008-01-19Evolution of Morals
2008-01-19Name Calling
2008-01-17Characteristics of Free Software Users
2008-01-15PostSecret Graphology
2008-01-15Week of 2008-01-07
2008-01-13Dorm Humor
2008-01-13The Fountain
2008-01-12Survival of the Fittest
2008-01-11Deserve Victory
2008-01-11Not Wetting Your Pants.
2008-01-10Packaging Folding
2008-01-08Computer Science in Epistemology
2008-01-07Computer as a Container
2008-01-07Week of 2007-12-31 (and 2007-12-24)
2008-01-06Journal Helper
2008-01-05Interactive Environment
2008-01-04New Year Resolution
2008-01-02Philosophy Game
2008-01-02Ambigrams and Psychology
2008-01-01Silence is Golden... Registered?
2007-12-30Penn vs. UPenn
2007-12-28Roof! Rough! Ruth!
2007-12-27Bugger Blog III
2007-12-25Time and Space
2007-12-24Week of 2007-12-17 (and 2007-12-10)
2007-12-23Google Play
2007-12-21On This Infinite Grid of Ideal 1-ohm Resistors...
2007-12-20A Guide to Stalking by Example
2007-12-19Wrong Side of the Street
2007-12-18How to Backup Your Data
2007-12-15I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane
2007-12-15Importing Contacts with Gmail 1.5
2007-12-14Good Exam Criteria
2007-12-14Exams and Stuff
2007-12-13Google Integration
2007-12-12Prove of God
2007-12-10Week of 2007-12-03 (and 2007-11-26)
2007-12-08Youtube Downloader
2007-12-08Time for Dinner!
2007-12-07Pimpin' Firefox
2007-12-06iGod: Repenting Made Easy!
2007-12-03Two Goals in AI
2007-12-01Bugger Blog II
2007-11-29I was Shocked
2007-11-29A Lesser Speaker Would Say, PROJECTion...
2007-11-27Ex Nihilo
2007-11-26Week of 2007-11-19
2007-11-25Real World Problem Solving
2007-11-24The Fun in Games
2007-11-23In the Beginning... was the Command Line
2007-11-22ToA Constructor
2007-11-21Comfortable Silence Person
2007-11-20I'm Shy, Not Antisocial
2007-11-19Week of 2007-11-12
2007-11-18The Labyrinth Called Tech
2007-11-16Playing for the Greater Good
2007-11-15One Hand Keyboard
2007-11-14What The ____?
2007-11-13This Is MADness
2007-11-12Week of 2007-11-05
2007-11-11Office (Personal) Space
2007-11-09The Turing Test and Proxies for Intelligence
2007-11-09Batch Writing
2007-11-08Comparative Vocabulary
2007-11-07Calendar v2007.11.06
2007-11-06The Future
2007-11-05Food and Emotion
2007-11-04Week of 2007-10-29
2007-11-02Computer Science Problem Solving
2007-11-02A Small Update
2007-10-31The End of the World
2007-10-31Information Tags
2007-10-29Cased-Based Reasoning
2007-10-29Quelle heure est-il?
2007-10-28Chicago Botanical Gardens
2007-10-25Religion as a Mind Body Paradox
2007-10-25Change is Good
2007-10-24Re: Blogger Bug (or Bugger Blog)
2007-10-23Regular Posts
2007-10-23Bed Making
2007-10-23Blogs Blogs Blogs
2007-10-22Out of Context
2007-10-21Real Life Search Trees
2007-10-21Blogger Bug (or Bugger Blog)
2007-10-21Text Based Mind Map
2007-10-21Blogging Habits
2007-10-21Indiana Dunes
2007-10-20Secure Browsing
2007-10-19Open Blogging
2007-10-18Week of 2007-10-15
2007-10-15Devil's Lake
2007-10-12Calendars and To-Do Lists
2007-10-10Journaling and Blogging
2007-10-09Combining Logic and Stocastic Methods
2007-10-09Quick Updates
2007-10-05Fire Alarms
2007-10-05Realizations from Optical Illusions
2007-09-29Classes! and other Big Things (TM)
2007-09-28Linux Monitor Power Save
2007-09-23Ant Wars
2007-09-20Morning Conveniences
2007-09-19Airplane Physics
2007-09-18Buhbye Hong Kong
2007-09-17Linux Apps
2007-09-17Getting Past Free Hosting Ads
2007-09-16Blag Subtitle Change
2007-09-15Pratical Use of Karnaugh Maps
2007-09-15Childhood Space Obsession
2007-09-15Javascript Arguments
2007-09-14Blogger Trial