Justin Li

If I were a CTY Robotics Instructor...


...This is what my curriculum would be like. I think the middle of the second week will result in some free time, since Projects 6 and 7 are really similar. But it's my first solo attempt at a curriculum, and I feel I've crammed more in than what we did before. I miss CTY...

WEEK 0 Morning Afternoon Backup
Sunday n/a Introduction More Ice Breakers
    Ice Breakers  
WEEK 1 Morning Afternoon Backup
Monday Ice Breaker Explain Documentation  
  Behavior Forms Exercises in motion, if, while  
  Pre-test / Check Kits Documentation  
  Explain Rules    
  Robots Presentation    
Tuesday Exercises in sensors P1: Red Light Green Light  
  Documentation Documentation  
Wednesday P2: Line Follower Variables Presentation  
  Documentation Exercises in variables  
Thursday P3: Ping Pong Ball Sorter P3: Ping Pong Ball Sorter  
Friday PP Ball Sorter Demo Logic Presentation AI Presentation
  Documentation P4: Alarm Clock Random Numbers
WEEK 2 Morning Afternoon Backup
Monday P5: Obstacle Course P5: Obstacle Course  
Tuesday Assessment P6: Race Car Walkers Presentation
  Gears Presentation Documentation  
  Exercise in gears    
Wednesday P7: Hill Climber Bluetooth Presentation  
  Documentation Exercises in bluetooth  
Thursday P8: Relay Race P9: Robot Soccer  
Friday P9: Robot Soccer Robot Soccer Tournament Sumo
WEEK 3 Morning Afternoon Backup
Monday Systems Presentation P10: Systems CAS Presentation
  P10: Systems Documentation  
Tuesday CAS Presentation Plan Final Project  
  Plan Final Project P11: Final Project  
Wednesday P11: Final Project P11: Final Project  
Thursday Final Project Demo Post-test Real Robots Analysis
  Documentation Clean up  
Friday Clean up