Justin Li

Google Integration


I like Google, I really do. That I'm writing this on Blogger and not on LiveJournal is a statement of that. I also use multiple Google services everyday, from email to RSS feeds to search to their web hosting. Google doesn't have quite the same monopoly that Microsoft had during the 90's, and it doesn't give off that feeling of evil either.

One problem I have with using so many of Google's services is that it's not very integrated. Sure, attachments in in email could be opened with Google Docs, and mentioning dates would prompt a GCal quick event, but those are just specific instances of connect two other. Otherwise, all my documents, emails, webpages, and videos on Google are in a different place, with a different limit on their size.

What I really want to to have control over all my space on Google. For example, if I don't really need that much space for my videos, I could convert that to use for hosting space, or for documents. This allows for much more flexible usage of Google's space.

I know that integrating all the storage space is probably a tough engineering challenge. Hopefully, when Google comes out with its GDrive, it will become a reality.