Justin Li



Some of you may recall I did a project last year where I had to design a toy for the dolphins at Shedd Aquarium (for those who don't, here's a magazine article about us; I look absolutely horrible in that picture). Another team recently finished that project, with a working apparatus. It's a little weird knowing that I came up with an idea, and a year later it's in physical form.

Anyway, during those two quarters I learned to sketch dolphins, and did a few sketches in my notes. I've forgotten how to do them already, but when I was reclaiming an old notebook I found the sketches, so I thought I'd put them online.

They're on my DeviantArt gallery:

There's also a quick sketch which I did at Canyonlands, my only personal souvenir (I have 4.5 GB of pictures and videos from other people on the trip).

I challenge you to find time and create some art, however bad it is.