Justin Li

Bed Making


You will need a large piece of wood, four poles, hammers, nails...


I just realized something about my bed making habits. I don't always make my bed when I wake up. It doesn't serve a purpose, and I'd rather be surfing the net than spend time doing that. One exception is if I wake up and keep my door open, say on the weekends or if I don't immediately have class. Then I make my bed, because it looks nice.

I've noticed, however, that I tend to make my bed when I come back from class. Like just a few minutes ago, I came back from natural language processing, and made my bed without even taking my backpack off. Presumably it's for the same reason I make my bed when I leave the door open - it looks nice. I found it curious that I can find my room messy when I leave and come back, but not really do anything about it when I first wake up.