Justin Li

Stranger Appeal


The xkcd blag recently introduced me to Omegle, a chat service which connects you to another stranger. The idea is intriguing, and looking at the comments for the post, many xkcdians have found meaningful conversations through the site.

This is my latest find in the category of sites which connect you to people, which I think has the potential to forge deeper connections. These include:

Really only BlogTV and Omegle is active; the other two you learn about people, but they never learn about you.

There is something carthartic in learning about strangers, and telling your deepest secrets. In some sense it's like a one-night-stand - you have no obligation to do anything with their secret, and it's just for the release of lifting a burden.

I'm actually working on a search engine for a course this quarter, which I've titled cree.pr. As can be imagined, it's a people search engine, and it aims to automatically compile as full a profile as possible of someone's online activity.

But sometimes talking to a stranger is not enough. There is something to be said about meeting someone in person, having them in front of you. But then it takes courage to say what you mean. I used to not have that courage, but I do now.

Although, none of the above has worked out to well so far. I'll keep trying though.