Justin Li

The Better To Know You With


I took this one from a friend. Usually I have little regard for this type of personal trivia, but for some reason this one caught my attention. I think the first question is especially rare: it borders on one of the party games I've played before. "Party game" is not the right term; it was a very intellectual activity, one only the closest friends would enjoy. So here goes.

Ten Anonymous Things You Want To Say To Ten Different People

  1. I wish you would open your mind about certain things. Being right is not about insistence, but about the ability to explain why.
  2. I don't think having the second best is better than not having at all. Hopefully you'll find what you really want one day.
  3. I am glad for all the adventures we've had, although I have to say that having known you for quite a while I still don't completely understand you.
  4. I think (and fervently hope) that respect each other more than we admit. Someday we'll both live happily, I know it.
  5. Somehow we've gotten closer when we've been further apart.
  6. Your childish innocence and naivety makes me happy. I hope my craziness has brought you the same joy.
  7. I've always thought that something was holding us back from something wonderful. But now it's a little too late.
  8. You were an awesome partner to work with, and I know you will do well in the future, even though I don't know you well.
  9. You are a great friend to have stuck with me all this time. We'll have more time together yet.
  10. You'll be fine... You'll be fine.

Nine Things About Yourself

  1. I'm just shy, not antisocial (you can talk to me!)
  2. I do strange sports like rock climbing, horse riding, and broomball
  3. I am a nerd, although I try hard to be a renaissance nerd.
  4. I (think I) write quite a bit more than a normal computer science student
  5. I really want to become a college professor to teach and do research, but I'm still not entirely sure if it's right for me
  6. I alternate between piano solos and progressive metal
  7. I'm cool enough to write my own calendar and not use Google/Yahoo/Outlook. I'm thinking of ditching my Moleskine for a Hipster PDA
  8. I'm a gothic optimistist - I find melancholy beautiful, while believing life is hopeful
  9. I'm a weak atheist

Eight Ways To Win Your Heart

  1. Shine - don't just smile and appear happy, be happy
  2. Be unafraid of difficult and/or impossible things
  3. Try difficult and/or impossible things
  4. Surprise me
  5. Appreciate the small things in life
  6. Be quirky
  7. Be excited about stuff
  8. Defeat all the other contestants

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot

  1. Computers
  2. (Non)-religion debates
  3. Stuff dealing with the human psyche
  4. Various melodies
  5. Thoughts, ideas, musings, and ponderings
  6. Things that I can be (and hopefully will be) in the future
  7. Electrical impulses

Six Things You Wish You Never Did

  1. Been so indifferent
  2. Cared so much
  3. Spent so much time thinking of regrets when I don't really have any.

Five Turn Offs

  1. Cigarettes
  2. Drugs
  3. Excessive vanity
  4. Insincerity
  5. Self-absorbance

Four Turn Ons

Three Smileys That Describe Your Life

  1. ___ (o,o)/) )-"-"-
  2. :D

Two Things You Want To Do Before You Die

  1. Solve an important question in an academic field...
  2. ... and have my own Wikipedia article about it (written by someone else)

One Confession

  1. Yes, I copied you. I thought it was cool, and I never had the courage to thank you, so here I am.