Justin Li

Comfortable Silence Person


Although I'm taking a break from my personal journal, I still write in it occasionally, albeit a lot less frequently than before. I was trying to describe the habit of a friend of mine, who would try to get conversations going by saying "anyway" or "so, what's up", even if we have already been chatting for the past ten minutes. I then thought to myself, "not a comfortable silence person huh."

I think I first heard of the phrase from Facebook, when another friend join a group which relates to that. It's interesting how many people feel the need to fill the silence of the room. Perhaps to them silence seems unacceptable. Maybe the very idea of friendship means people should be able to just talk and talk and never get bored of that person.

My ideal friendship (or I guess relationship too) is exact opposite: when you don't need to talk and they understand. I don't have any problems with looking at the ceiling even when it's just me and someone else, even if I don't know that person particularly well. With strangers, of course, it's different, but in that case silence if probably even more acceptable than endless chatter.

I guess that makes me a comfortable silence person.