Justin Li

Sound Aslip


Allow me to introduce to you my latest invention: Sound Aslip! Don't be fooled by its small size; you will be amazed at how useful it is. Simply clip it to the headboard on your bed, or leave it on your bedside table, and it'll work it's magic. Let me give you a tour.

Has anyone ever lied in bed, brain churning, unable to sleep, and getting all these solutions to the problems you were solving during the day? I've certainly had that happen multiple times. You never want to get up for a pen and notepad, or even turn on the lights to write, because you're afraid you won't be able to sleep for an even longer time. But you have all these good ideas (guess when the Sound Aslip was invented? That's right.), and you really want to keep them so they can be acted on in the morning.

This is where the Sound Aslip steps in. At the extreme, the Sound Aslip is just a recorder. To record your thoughts while lying in bed, simply speak out loud to yourself, as all genii do, and the Sound Aslip will capture everything you said. You can play back the entire recording in the morning, at your leisure.

But of course you're not paying all that money for a simple voice recorder. The Sound Aslip was design especially for bedside convenience. On the top are photovoltaic solar cells, so no power cords are necessary. The Sound Aslip will simply recharge when it's the morning, from the sun or from the light in your room. If your room happen to not get any light during the day (how many hackers, engineers, and vampires do we have in the audience? About half?), you can also use an AAA battery to power the Sound Aslip.

Now, solar cells and every alkaline batteries don't last long, so Sound Aslip has several features built in to save power. For one thing, since it's only for bedtime use, the recorder will only activate when it is put in a dark environment. This makes sure there's enough memory to record everything. For those people who would like to use Sound Aslip for other purposes, or those who prefer to sleep with your lights on (Would all the babies in the audience please raise your hand as high as you can? It's hard to see you among the adults. Thanks.), the brightness sensor could be turned off from this button on the side.

The other thing Sound Aslip does to make itself useful is to not record everything. You certainly don't want to spend half your day listening to yourself snoring, only to find the 10 seconds of ideas you had in the middle of the night. So, besides the brightness requirement, Sound Aslip also has a loudness requirement. Only when a noise over 30 dB is made, or roughly the background noise of a quiet bedroom at night, will Sound Aslip start recording. If no other noise is made in 10 seconds, Sound Aslip will go back into standby mode; otherwise, it will keep recording as long as the noise is present.

Sound Aslip uses flash memory, the same stuff that keeps your music in your iPod nano, and so will have no problems with quality or memory lost. Each Sound Aslip comes with 1 GB of internal memory, enough to store a full day's recording and then some. To get the recording of previous times, simply connect your Sound Aslip to your computer with the mini USB cable, and all your recordings will be neatly in the folder.

As you can see, the Sound Aslip is prefectly designed to capture those ideas you have at night, when you are in bed but can't go to sleep because you're too active a thinker. With Sound Aslip, you can rest assured that your brilliant ideas won't be lost, but will be waiting for you the next morning, as surely as (dare I say, more surely than) your daily newspaper.

Don't let your ideas a-slip you again with Sound Aslip. Don't forget our special offer: buy one now, and you can get your second at half the price. I repeat, ladies and gentleman, buy one and get the second for half the price.