Justin Li

Bugger Blog III


Blogger has changed a bit since I started using it, but I'm most annoyed by a single thing: the way your posts are dated.

When writing, under post options, you can set the date and time of the post. I personally prefer the ISO 8601 representation, so 1 pm on Christmas day this year would be 2007-12-25 13:00. Technically there should be a 'T' before the time, but a space makes it more human readable. However, not many people follow this convention of YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm, especially the 24 hour format.

I used to be able to enter that for the post date and time though, and Blogger would accept it. Sometime in November, however, it stopped excepting that format. Instead, I get this error message:

Illegal post time (format is: hh:mm AM/PM)

Okay. There are two separate things that piss me off about this:

  1. When they say "AM/PM", they mean AM/PM, to the uppercase letter. What's wrong with writing it in lowercase? It takes one line of code to convert everything to one case, and they should do it for you.
  2. When they say "hh:mm", they don't actually mean hh:mm. What they mean is [h]h:[m]m, the tens digit only necessary when the numerical value is higher than 10.

The AM/PM thing, okay, but it pisses me off when they follow that so strictly and yet relax on the other part of the format. To be honest, I would be less annoyed if they required a zero for the numbers. At least then they're consistent.