Justin Li

Egyptian Heaven


I just finished watching The Bucket List, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Interested readers can check out the Wikpedia page; although the ending is revealed, I don't think it will ruin the movie experience. It's one of the "it's the journey" things.

I particularly liked the part on the pyramid when Freeman's character tells Nicholson's character about Egyptian heaven. He said that in the myth in Egypt is that when you die, you are admitted to heaven based on your answers to two questions: "Have you had joy in your life?" and "Has your life given joy to others?" It's incorrectness aside (I was under the impression that Anubis weighed your soul against a feather... heart, according to Wikipedia), I actually quited liked the two questions.

Have I had joy in my life? Yes! I enjoy life very much. I cannot say anything about having the most joy, or if I will still be joyful when I'm looking death in the face, but I have definitely lived a pretty good life so far.

Has my life given joy to others? Nicholson's character had initially tried to dodge this question, telling Freeman's character not to ask him, but ask them. However, I think part of the power of this question is how its forcing you to be introspective. My life? As an optimistic and slightly narcissistic person, I would say yes. At least, I hope so. I have made people laugh, not like "solved world hunger" or "cured cancer", but mostly small things. I certainly enjoy small jokes and short quiet moments a lot. I wish I could share that joy.