Justin Li

Packaging Folding


I get annoyed when, after I finish a pack of chips, I've left with the packaging, a big, empty plastic bag. This especially annoys me when I'm on a plane, and there's limited space to put that bag. It only gets worse when the plane goes into turbulent winds in the middle of serving food, and so it takes an hour for the flight attendants to come and collect the trash.

What I do now is I fold the packaging into neat little "coins". This is not the same as simply folding it into halves over and over, as the packing is usually stiff and has the annoying tendency to spring open. What I do is, I first fold the packaging into thin strips; the width of the strip depends on how long the strip is. Then I fold the strip one section at a time, into 90 degree angles. Make sure that the strip turns into a spiral - that is, either use all mountain folds or valley folds. After four folds, the strip will be wrapping back over itself. Simply tuck upper end under the lower (or the lower end over the upper), and the strip should stay in its squarish shape, with no intention of springing open. Repeat for the entire strip, and you've reduced a large stiff plastic bag to a small square of trash.

Anyone else with the same pet peeve?