Justin Li

Food and Emotion


Yesterday wasn't too good a day for the most part, which is why I deferred posting until now. Things got better after dinner, when I somehow ended up drinking chocolate milk, getting a chocolate chip cookie from the hot cookie bar, and getting another cup of hot cocoa after that. Maybe it was just enough to get me high on serotonin and enjoy the slight aphrodisiac effects of chocolate.

What's interesting for me is that I didn't consciously reach for all the chocolate. the chocolate milk and the cookie were more coincidences, as the thing I was really looking for was not there. I did get hot cocoa by choice, because I didn't want honey water but still wanted something hot. Now I know that chocolate can cheer me up... which I should have known considering my familiarity with Harry Potter.

Another food which I know has a physiological effect on me is coke. Not the drug, the soft drink. Pepsi is usually more potent, but Coke also serves to keep me awake. Coffee for some reason doesn't work for me, so when I have to stay up late, I always drink coke instead. Not very healthy, is it.

I'm not sure if this is related to physiology, but at other times I would suddenly crave a certain taste. I would suddenly want salty or sugary foods, and occasionally something with vinegar (or some kind of weak acid, e.g. lemons with critic acid) in it. I haven't noticed any effects from these cravings, but it's strange how I would have have a desire for a such a broad category of objects.