Justin Li

Articles I've Read (2014-10-15)


So, I'm thinking that since I read enough articles, I will do a links post much more frequently than every month. I'm considering every week, but every two weeks might be more realistic.

This is what you get if you pay $23,000 for a plane ticket.

The New Yorker comes this close to saying that existential depression is justified

Yosemite Valley makes climbers nostalgic the same way that traveling by train does for normal people.

There's an art exhibit that shows the artist's Grinder messages. It's surprising to me that the article focuses on the homosexuality aspect, because I think a similar outcry will occur even if a more heterosexual-dominated dating site (say, OkCupid) is used instead. Also, arguably the personal details we put on dating sites are meant to be consumed by other people. So what is the real problem here?

Technology culture is becoming big enough that general societal problems are cropping up. First in Linux with systemd, then with the changing demographic of "gamers".

The paranoid (to me) rules this family has for avoiding the police demonstrates my privilege more than anything else I've read.

A somewhat sobering reminder that, for a lot of people, the equation F=ma does not intuitively mean that if m gets bigger but F stays the same, then a must get smaller.

"The notion of the bucket list [...] privileges a restless consumption, a hungry appetite for the new. I've seen Stonehenge. Next?"

I've never felt much of a "cultural/ancestral" link to my Chinese background, but Sleeping Dogs apparently roused it for the author.