Justin Li

Blogging Habits


I've been using Blogger for the past month, and I like it a lot.

There's a trend in how I write. I tend to make several posts on the same day, then neglect the blog for a few days before repeating. Apparently blog ideas come to me in spurts.

In truth, it's more like the blog is on my mind more on some days than others.

One could say that in the end I still sit down for a long period of time and type, which is what I used to do with LiveJournal (and also my personal journal). The difference in that if I make several smaller posts a day, I can easily jump from subject to subject without worrying about transitions. In my personal journal, I would spend the first few minutes thinking of the most logical way to present events and ideas. That's probably because I don't have paragraph formating though.

In short, this blog does what I set out to do: capture more spontaneous ideas.