Justin Li

Hello from Stanford



I haven't written for a while, and I haven't written anything at all about my experience at Stanford and teaching. Classes formally started this past Monday, but of course I had to work with my instructor beforehand to plan the lessons and refresh the materials in my mind. By "refresh" I mean "learn"; neither of us have done anything with LEGO Mindstorms in the past several years, and I personally haven't even touched a Brick since 7th grade. Classes are a lot of fun, but also really tiring, considering breakfast is at 07:30, that classes go from 09:00 till 16:30, and we still have to do more planning after that. This ridiculous (in the good sense) schedule is why I haven't written much, both in my journal and on this blog. Of course, the mile long walk between my residence and the dining hall and classroom, the beautiful Stanford campus and the unchanging California sunshine doesn't help my case at all. It is a nice change from the cold and occasional thunderstorm in Chicago though.

I'm not really supposed to write about CTY classes and my experience in public, so these posts will remain relatively short. I will say one thing though: CTY is amazing not just because of the location and the brilliant kids, but because the whole program is filled with peple like myself. From the administrators, to the instructors, the TAs, all the way to the students; everyone is excited about leraning, about the things they do. I feel there is a tangible passion for knowledge, for the spreading of knowledge, but overarchingly for something bigger than what each single individual can produce. It really does make me excited and happy to be here.

That's all for now; I'll leave you with a small pun. While I was writing the notes for my journal, I told a bee to go bug someone else. Heh.