Justin Li

Dorm Humor


I would like to share two incidences of dorm humor.

The first one occurred last year, a little after the Virginia Tech shooting. Understandably, Northwestern was worried about security, and had locked most of the side doors to dorms. The students were not happy about that, so they eventually relented and allowed some dorms to use their side doors during daylight hours. It remained, however, a concern as to who could get into the dorms. During that period, the lock in one of my dorm's door broke, and it just didn't turn. A few days before it was fixed, someone posted a note next to the door: "Thank God we're finally safe. ZERO entrances."

This little incident is more recent. For the past couple of days, flyers were posted in my dorm advertising a discussion on human trafficking. Some talked about child labor, some about slavery. The one that caught my eye had a a women's body obscured by a sign, on which was written "Sex for Sale". Then one day when I was coming back from lunch, two different people have added to the flyer. The first person had written, "Illegal in IL." So the second person replied, "Legal in Amsterdam."