Justin Li



Several days ago the university police came knocking on one of my friend's door.

It wasn't serious, actually. As it were, there was another case where drugs were involved, but this was not it. My friend had apparently not contacted his parents for a while, and so they panicked and contacted the university police. I myself wasn't there when the police came; I only found out when my neighbor told me afterwards. I was asked if I had seen my friend recently. I thought at first he was kidnapped or something, but luckily nothing of the sort happened.

Funny thing, parents.

I myself haven't directly contacted my parents for close to a month (since 02-13). And that was an email; I've never called, and only briefly played with VOIP the first quarter of freshman year. Of course I've been writing in my blog, but it doesn't really say much about my daily life as much as my daily mental landscape. My family is just more relaxed (or some would say cold-blooded).

On the other hand, I know someone else who lived by himself in an apartment... in his senior year of high school. His family was moving, and since it's a pain to switch schools for senior year, he just stayed by himself. His family and he were only an hour away from each other, so it wasn't too far, but it's still a significant distance.

I wonder if these habits gets passed through the generations.