Justin Li

Two Truths and A Lie


I just tweeted a very interesting two truths and a lie:

I'll leave the solution to the reader. It occurred to me while lying in bed, however, that it should be possible to make a list such that any of the three can be the lie. After a little thought and some trial and error, the following fits the bill:

Simple, but it works. Neat.

This reminds me of the riddle in Inside Man:

Which weighs more: all the trains that pass through Grand Central Station [in NYC] in a year - or the trees cut down to print all U.S. currency in circulation? Here's a hint: It's a trick question.

Once again, I leave the solution as an exercise to the reader... or you can watch the movie.

EDIT: here are a few more humorous Two Truths and A Lie's I came up with:

"well, obviously, the cake is a lie."


Interestingly, it's possible to correctly answer this last one. You can figure out how.